How Do You Use the iPad?

20 Apr

At Crestview, we use our iPads in many different and spectacular ways. However, a lot of us would like to see what each other is doing in different classrooms. To help with this, I created several Google Docs under the category “Uses for Our iPads” at the right. Within each of the six documents, you can share your iPad successes with everyone by simply clicking on the document and start editing. No login is required!

Below is a quick snapshot of one of these documents. Be sure to include the app/iPad feature and your name when writing how you use the iPad. This way others will know what you are talking about and who to direct their questions to if they have any. Please add as many uses as you can! The more we include, the richer we will be with how we use the iPad.

Before you add a way to use the iPad in any of the Google Docs, be sure to read all the directions I left for you on that document. The directions are the same on each page. Reading these directions once will be sufficient for adding to any of these documents. Enjoy!


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