iPad Organization

05 May

If you are the person who looks at all the apps on your iPad as one giant unorganized mess. Then organizing your apps into folders is the solution for you! If you do not know how to do this, click here. Just remember, organizing your iPad for your classroom is a very important job for both classroom managment and motivational purposes.

The way I create folders on my classroom iPad is by organizing them with a student focus in mind. For example; I created folders labeled  “Free Write” and  “Free Math” so students know what they are allowed to use when they are finished with their writing or math assignment.

I also create specific folders for lessons or units of study. The folder labeled “Earth” on our classroom iPad was created for small group work. Students had the task of answering the question, “Why are we able to live on Earth?”  The apps in the “Earth” folder were the only apps they could use to find an answer.

However, the most important folder I have is my personal folder. Naming this folder “Personal” tells my students “hands off!” As you can see in the pictures below, none of my personal apps give any personal information away to the students. If an app does have personal information, it is password protected.

Sometimes folders are not necessary. I placed iBooks, kindle, and USA Today on the bottom bar of my iPad, not in a folder. I put these apps here since reading on our iPad is one of the most popular things the students use the iPad for. This way, students are able to easily locate the reading apps with no searching necessary.

In a nutshell, I organize our classroom iPad for the convenience of student use and somewhat my own. This way, the students feels more like the iPad belongs to them, rather than something the teacher lets them use.

Feel free to look through my iPad organization below. If you have a question about anything you see, do not hesitate to ask.


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