Go iGreen: Crestview’s Paperless Campaign

12 May

Over the past few months, our main focus with the iPad has been trying to find apps and uses for the iPad that will engage students in learning. Along the way, we have collected quite a few apps that have the potential to save, literally, tons of paper.

To the right you will see a few links under our new category “Go iGreen: Crestview’s Paperless Campaign”.  Be sure to check out our “iGreen Ideas” Google Spreadsheet that will allow you the opportunity of sharing iPad apps/ideas that have the potential of saving paper. Feel free to add as many ideas to this as you would like.

If you think about it, printing one less class set of paper each day over the course of one year would lead to roughly 5,000 sheets of paper saved per classroom, 15,000 sheets saved per grade, and 110,000 sheets saved over all grade levels. If we all did this, our school would save roughly $1,500. It is quite amazing how much the little things add up..

PLEASE help make our school iGreen!

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