iWorks Upgrade?

04 Jun

Recently, Apple pushed out an update for their iWorks suite; Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. Before the update, iWorks had a few inconvenient issues such as the inability to put files into folders or export these files to Dropbox or any other third party, non-Apple app. Now, Apple has given us the ability to create file folders within iWorks apps, but has made it even more difficult to share them. This leaves me to think, “Is this really an upgrade?”

iWorks is a Microsoft Office-like suite consisting of three separate $9.99 apps; Pages, Keynote and Numbers.  (Click on NumbersPages, orKeynote to watch a tutorial) These iWorks applications let you open iWorks and MS Office files, edit them, and export it as either a PDF, iWorks, or Microsoft Office file.

For those of us who live in the digital age, Microsoft Office has been a staple in all of our computing lives. For now, most of us still use Microsoft Office on a daily basis, and unfortunately Microsoft will never release a Microsoft Office Suite for the iPad. However, of all the Office-like apps that I have found out there, iWorks it is by far the most compatible with Microsoft Office.

However, there are several issues with iWorks on the iPad. Until the recent iWorks update pushed out by Apple, there was no way to organize iWorks files on the iPad into folders. Still, we can only export these files to a separate device  a few different ways such as email, iTunes, or Apple’s iDisk service. Unfortunately, iDisk costs money; $99.00 per year for 20 GB of storage (Read about iDisk and other file sharing apps here.). Using iTunes to share files requires the use of a computer and the pesky iPad USB cable. Exporting files through email can only happen one at a time and takes several minutes with large files. No matter how you look at it, iWorks lacks convenience.

Due to all this, I have been reluctant to use iWorks on the iPad. Plus, there is an array of third party applications that are, in many ways, better, cheaper and more user friendly than iWorks. If you use iWorks or not, the new foldering capabilities it has is really neat but, in my opinion, not neat enough.

Below you will see screen shots of the  iWorks update. The first thing you will notice in these pictures is the new foldering capability. This is very similar to how we folder icons on the iPad home screen. What you will not notice is that in order to export an iWorks file, you must now open the desired file to do so. Before the update, the exporting feature was under each of the files on the iWorks app home screen. I guess apple didn’t want to make things too convenient for us.




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