UPAD update!!

30 Sep

You thought UPAD had it all, well they out did themselves with this update! There are several updates, but the largest update is the new ability to add a photo from either your iPad camera (if you have the iPad 2) or from your camera roll. Once you have UPAD open, here is what it will look like.

Once you click on the photo icon and it turns blue, click anywhere on the text document.

When you do that, it will bring up this image (see above). This allows you to select from you’re library or PhotoAlbum. If you have the iPad 1, you can always email yourself photos and save them onto your iPad. If you have the iPad 2, you will also get an option to take a photo at that moment. It will pop up with a miniature camera which you can use to snap a photo and is it in that document. How cool! Here is what it looks like:

If you ever want to edit the image, you click on it and image editing tools come up. You can adjust the transparency of the image, scale it, crop it, zoom, and move it around the document. You can also add a frame!

Let us know how you use UPAD!


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