UPAD update!!

You thought UPAD had it all, well they out did themselves with this update! There are several updates, but the largest update is the new ability to add a photo from either your iPad camera (if you have the iPad 2) or from your camera roll. Once you have UPAD open, here is what it will look like.

Once you click on the photo icon and it turns blue, click anywhere on the text document.

When you do that, it will bring up this image (see above). This allows you to select from you’re library or PhotoAlbum. If you have the iPad 1, you can always email yourself photos and save them onto your iPad. If you have the iPad 2, you will also get an option to take a photo at that moment. It will pop up with a miniature camera which you can use to snap a photo and is it in that document. How cool! Here is what it looks like:

If you ever want to edit the image, you click on it and image editing tools come up. You can adjust the transparency of the image, scale it, crop it, zoom, and move it around the document. You can also add a frame!

Let us know how you use UPAD!


Skywords: an app for word ladders!

This great application combines both building off of words, like scrabble, and building up from words! You could turn “RUN” into “BUN” by stacking a “B” on top of the “R”. You could also turn it into: stun, runt, bunt, etc.

The challenge: just like scrabble, if you don’t have a letter that you are looking for you can pass on your turn, or swap letters. This may be challenging for some students because they have to be a little flexible with their thinking, and a stronger vocabulary might be needed.

Adaptations for different students: I do think that this game could be played with a teacher guiding students with their thinking, or with student pairs.

Leave a comment and let us know now you use this game with your students!

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This is a fantastic app that allows you to easily blog or create a blog post. This is especially great for things that you might want to blog about, but don’t have Internet connection at the moment. It has an easy interface to add multiple blogs to and multiple drafts. This way
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Note Taker HD vs. UPAD: The Winner is…

Jeremy Dorn, a teacher in Tempe, AZ, recently wrote a comment on our post, UPAD: What You Need to Save Paper.  (To read all of Jeremy’s comments click here.) In his comment, Jeremy spoke of Note Taker HD as being, in many ways, Read the rest of this entry »


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UPAD: What You Need To Save Paper!

The iPad app “UPAD” has probably the most potential of making us truly paperless. UPAD allows you to take typed or handwritten notes, edit uploaded pictures with multiple pen colors, create your own documents from preloaded templates, or import Read the rest of this entry »


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Story Buddy Update!

Hurray! Story Buddy’s update now allows you to create multiple stories on one iPad! It looks similar to iBooks now with a shelf, thus allowing multiple students to be able to create individual stories on one iPad. When the app opens, students can continue creating
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Grades 3-6 Purchased Apps and iBooks List Updated!

Our list of purchased apps and iBooks in grades 3-6 is now updated! We currently have 791 iPad/iPhone applications and 81 iBooks being used on Crestview’s grades 3-6 iPads. Be sure to check out our purchase lists and see if there are any you may want to use in your classroom. Look for a PK-2 app and iBook list update later this week.

Click on “3-6 Apps (Updated 6/6/11)” or “3-6 iBooks ( Updated 6/6/11)” under the category “Crestview’s Purchased Items”.


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